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Vegan menu



Based on the classic Victoria sponge - just with no dairy, eggs, or anything from an animal. This recipe can be adapted to suit different tastes, such as just vanilla, vanilla and ginger, just chocolate and chocolate orange. 

Asian chocolate orange

Our popular warming chocolate cake uses oil rather than butter and is packed with carrots, cashew nuts, mixed peel and cinnamon for a deep and earthy flavour. It's filled with vegan chocolate orange (or plain) ganache.

Baileys almond sponge

A vanilla sponge, layered with Baileys dairy-free almond liqueur buttercream.

Raspberry and white chocolate

A light vanilla cake rippled with raspberry, delicately filled with moorish summer raspberry compote and coupled with smooth white chocolate filling. 

Red velvet

An all natural version of the original American classic sponge, using subtle flavours of vanilla, chocolate and vegan buttermilk with its own soft vegan vanilla or lemon buttercream.

Coconut cream

A tempting vegan coconut cake, layered with vegan vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam - sprinkled with desiccated coconut. 

Vanilla and ginger

A moist vanilla sponge with a kick of ginger, layered with vegan ginger buttercream.

Banana and peanut butter

A moist banana laden vegan cake with vegan dark chocolate chip, filled with smooth peanut buttercream.

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