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The flavours listed here are my most popular;  

Alternative flavours are available on request and
include recipes for those with special diets.


Classic Victoria sponge

Light vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry preserve and vanilla buttercream filling
(Variations: Raspberry, rose and pistachio,
chocolate and hazelnut, coffee and chocolate,
or zesty lemon)

Zingy lemon

Mouthwatering zesty sponge, filled with
lemon curd and vanilla buttercream

Cherry and almond 

Scrumptiously light sponge with vanilla and almond extracts, filled with cherry coulis and cherry Italian meringue/cherry buttercream

Lime and coconut
Beautifully fresh sponge combined with desiccated coconut, filled with lime curd and vanilla buttercream

Peach and Prosecco

Delicious almond sponge infused with Prosecco, layered with peach and Prosecco coulis and buttercream

Baileys and vanilla

Light vanilla sponge, drizzled with original Baileys liqueur, filled with a bit more Baileys liqueur buttercream


Turkish Delight

Vanilla sponge with Turkish Delight pieces, filled with rose water flavoured buttercream

Simply chocolate

Light chocolate cake, filled with dark/milk buttercream

(Great for kids)

Indulgent chocolate orange

Earthy chocolate cake mixed with orange zest, filled with dark/milk orange infused chocolate ganache

(Also available plain)

Salted caramel

Deliciously moist caramel cake, filled with salted caramel or chocolate buttercream


Rich fruit

Wholesome and delicious plump vine fruits, steeped in brandy or a tipple of choice. 
(Great with marzipan & also
available as alcohol-free)

Lighter fruit

Light, not loaded fruit cake, steeped in brandy or a tipple of choice. 

(Great with marzipan; also available as alcohol-free)

Light, moist carrot

Light oil-based sponge, filled with smooth spiced buttercream

(A good substitute for fruit cake)

Red velvet

Red velvet sponge, filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream/ganache

(Also available in pink)

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