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Luxury menu


Pink Champagne

A light vanilla cake with dried strawberry pieces, layered with pink champagne buttercream.

Tropical fruit 

A nutritious, fruity, deliciously moist and nutty cake with zesty orange or rum syrup. Great with marzipan.

Raspberry and white chocolate

Deliciously moorish summer raspberry and vanilla cake, filled with a homemade raspberry compote and smooth white chocolate or buttercream filling.

Variations include: lemon, lime, blueberry , cranberry or passion fruit.

Indulgent chocolate

A rich dark chocolate cake, filled with dark or milk chocolate ganache.

Variations: Orange ganache and vanilla, or orange curd buttercream.

Baileys and vanilla

A simple vanilla sponge, lined with the original Baileys liqueur, filled with a bit more warming Baileys and vanilla buttercream.

Banana butterscotch

A combination of smooth butterscotch and baked bananas for a warming cake - great for winter celebrations and with marzipan

Red velvet

The original American classic filled with vanilla buttercream or cream-cheese frosting.

Rich fruit

A wholesome cake with delicious plump vine fruits steeped in brandy or a tipple of your choice. Great with marzipan.
(Also available as alcohol-free)

Turkish Delight

A plain sponge with Turkish Delight pieces, filled with rose water flavoured buttercream.

Cinnamon and white chocolate

A deliciously moist cake with warming cinnamon spice. This cake is layered with white chocolate buttercream for a bit more luxury.

Queen Elizabeth date

A moist, tasty and nutritiously sustaining cake, packed with the finest Medjool dates. 

Mocha coffee

Combining coffee and chocolate for a deep, Moorish cake, filled with velvety smooth coffee buttercream. 

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