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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Which colour flower best represents you?

When it comes to flowers, it's not all roses; there's a myriad of blooms and colours to choose from. As a cake designer, I'm always looking for inspiration around me. This inspiration can come from art, history and also the natural world. It's essential for me to find your perfect decorative elements so that I can make your cake the best it can be.

Having knowledge of flowers conjures ideas; it inspires us to create dramatic, unique and personal choices. In this blog, I invite you to get to know your flowers by colour. This will undoubtedly help you know what to ask for when ordering a cake, or indeed, what to make for your next project.

1. Black flowers

What is perceived as black is actually very dark shades of purple, red and blue. The so called ‘black’ flower adds a contrasting element when coupled with a paler flower. Black is, of course, synonymous with Halloween cake designs.

2. Blue flowers

Blue flowers generally imply serenity and calmness. Lighter blues represent clear water and skies and conjures visions of the great outdoors. Darker shades traditionally represent truth and meditation, aiding your focus and positive side. Choosing blue flowers for your celebration, or as a gift, is perfectly suited for birthdays, get well soon, and congratulations cakes.

3. Cream flowers

Cream flowers signify thoughtfulness and charm. They theme well with contrasting colours to produce striking sugar or cold porcelain arrangements. The chic and delicate shades make cream flowers ideal for romantic gestures and are used widely on wedding cakes.

4. Green flowers

Green is generally considered an unusual colour to have for a flower, but the natural hues can symbolise growth, good health and good luck. Green tones are excellent to give as congratulations, house-warming, and even new baby cakes.

5. Orange flowers

Orange signifies energy and is synonymous with autumn. Orange flowers can be delicate and range from pale shades to vibrant hues. They'll definitely inject a bit of fire into your cake design.

6. Yellow flowers

Traditionally yellow says "happiness" and "joy" and would be great on top of a cake for a friend or loved one. Also, if someone is unwell and needs an uplifting cake, you can't go wrong with this colour.

Yellow flowers (1.Calendula, 2.Snapdragon 3. Spider Orchid, 4.Marigold)

7. Peach flowers

Peach gives us a feeling of softness, and is natural and neutral. This means it fits well with almost any combination. Traditionally peach is a colour that says “Thank You” and is the ideal choice for a friend's birthday cake.

8. Pink flowers

Pink flowers create lots of emotions. Amongst some are young love and happiness. They're symbolic of springtime, growth and nature. Pink flowers are a popular choice for springtime cakes. Deeper colours say “I love you”; lighter hues can give a platonic reference between friends and family. Think 'pink' if you want to decorate a cake for an engagement, wedding or anniversary.

9. Purple flowers

Purple flowers symbolise balance and loyalty and will strike anyone's gaze as they enter the room; good to look at, they give a sense of achievement and accomplishment and can make a lovely addition to children's birthdays, congratulations and baby shower cakes, amongst others.

10. White flowers

Do you want to give a cake that says "Your perfect" or symbolises purity? White has long been connected with christenings and weddings because of their pure shades. White can also be chosen for springtime cakes.

White flowers: (1. Yarrow, 2. African Lily, 3. Hippeastrum, 4. Anemone)

Fond of Cakes makes a wide range of realistic sugar and cold porcelain flowers for people's weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and special celebrations. Should you like any of my designs, or indeed, want a unique cake for a loved one, why not contact me today?

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